Quincy Wakefield was born in Amarillo, Texas and now resides in
Austin, Texas.
He is self taught and has enjoyed many aspects of
creating art and music since childhood.
His work combines elements
of many painting styles, compelled by mid-century and modern design.
He is a very experienced custom picture framer, beginning his love for
fine art at age 20. Museum quality custom picture framing for ten years,
four years in the design district in Dallas at a very prestigious framing
and design business led to his pursuance and passion for creating art.

In 2006, he moved to Austin and decided to put much more time
into his work, and the results to date have been plentiful. His work has
been collected from coast to coast in America, with a few pieces acquired
Many of his paintings are currently or have been featured
in various commercial establishments, private collections, galleries, and
films. His work can also be found in luxury condominiums, homes, and hotels.
The subject matter of his work is perpetually morphing, and the content
delivery can range from absurdly humorous to extremely ethereal.

"My work is created without contrived expectation.  I try to use a wide
array of colors and themes, inspired by the human condition, music, and
everyday occurrences among many other things. I am constantly experimenting
with various techniques, mediums, and applications.  My work has evolved over
the years, and I am excited to see where it goes in the future."

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photo credit: www.tracycostello.com